How does Blockchain Creatives work?

  1. 1. Meet & brief

    First stage: during a first meeting and a short presentation, we outline clear objectives together. Then, we define our planning and quote. The hours billed and services provided are 100% transparent. In short, no (bad) surprises.

  2. 2. Your team

    Depending on the mission, we put together the right team, knowing that the fewer players the better for the smoothest, more flexible, efficient and cost-effective functioning. We always work with the best, fully-committed team and won’t stop working until we’re proud!

  3. 3. Start job

    We’re creative AND pragmatic. We only show you our work when the idea has materialised. Then, we fine tune all the details to continue on a well-targeted path. We like to avoid unnecessary meetings that cost time and money.

  4. 4. Happy client

    Our main goal is a high-quality end result that does its job. It is crucial for you and for our portfolio. That’s how we keep our clients happy. And we know that happy clients always come back. It’s a win-win situation.


Frank Van de Vijver


Over the past 25 years, Frank pursued a career as art director and creative director in Belgian and international advertising agencies. In addition to his work on high-profile campaigns, Frank also developed a network of copywriters, web developers, artists, radio and television designers, photographers, 3D developers, etc. All top-of-the-range professionals: rest assured that our old-hands and digital natives will transform every briefing into a success story.

This is how the idea of Blockchain Creatives surfaced. No walls, no offices, no overheads. Only the talent to turn each briefing into a conclusive result. And above all, a dynamic, continuously-growing and evolving network.


I’m an advertiser

Are you interested in our services and solutions? Get in touch with us. We’ll get to know each other properly and/or will sit down together for a first briefing.


I’m a creative

Want to join our team? Contact us now. We may actually be a good fit (or even the perfect match).


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